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An easy approach to Improving Insulin Sensitivity | Professor Caractacus Sinclair

Coconut Oil Insulin Insulin Sensitivity Natural Health Professor Caractacus Sinclair

The Professor’s thoughts on insulin sensitivity:

There's the challenging way and the more challenging way: 

The challenging way would be to live exclusively off meat, eggs, fish, seafood, game, poultry, their fats, nuts (not salted or fried in canola oil), yogurt (only yogurt with a breakdown of fat and protein and minimal carbs, like fage or chobani if you can get it), cheese (only real cheese which is fat and protein and minimal or no sugar), cream, avocados. Also fine are olive, nut and coconut oil or good quality butter. You can drink only water, black coffee and green / black tea and can only put cream or oil in your coffee. Vegetables like salad greens, leafy greens, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, asparagus, green beans, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, baby corn, peppers are fine. cooked or raw. Anything that has to be cooked like potato, pumpkin, sweet potato and beans is off. Pickles are ok sparingly but make sure there is no sugar in the ingredients. Eat as much as you want as often as you want but every meal is a protein meal with fat, or with vegetables as stipulated above.

After four weeks of this you reintroduce carbs in the forms of berries and other fruits but only in a post workout window, preferably within 20 minutes. When you reintroduce a food make sure it is one new food at a time, giving yourself about 12 hours, that way you know what caused any intolerance. After you've reintroduced some fruits successfully you can start to see how you do with rice, potatoes, beans etc., but separately. The purpose of the first four weeks is to make you more insulin sensitive. then, by reintroducing carbs in a post workout window it will encourage insulin release to see glycogen replenishment as the normal response to glucose in the blood. It is possible to establish this as a sort of baseline. after that, carbs will be easier to deal with and more likely to be stored as glycogen. Some people go on to really enjoy their post workout carbs guilt free with no weight gain, others get to enjoy carbs either in a pre or post workout window and do just fine off it. Some very lucky people get to have them anytime without really retaining body fat, although these people tend to have serious inflammation issues that would only show up if you could actually look at their blood.

The more challenging way to do it, and more effective and informative, is to do the first four weeks on just meat, fish and vegetables, plus oil for frying. Then gradually, before introducing your carb sources one at a time, introduce nuts, then dairy, then say week six or eight carbs. During the first four weeks of this i'd suggest using coconut oil in coffee rather than cream so that you can establish how well you do on dairy.

I will be going through why Insulin sensitivity is important in my next blog post, so stay tuned....

Professor Caractacus Sinclair

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