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How Not to Squat - 101

Injury Prevention Squat Squat Technique

The Almighty Squat is arguable one of the most effective compound movements in weight lifting.

Most people think of Squats as a “leg exercise” and your hamstrings, quads, glutes and groin are indeed the prime movers when you Squat, but your abs, obliques and lower back muscles work to keep you from collapsing under the bar. Even your arms and shoulders must work to keep the bar in position. This is why many people call Squats “king of all exercises”!

But too many people are doing it wrong, which can eventually lead to injury and damage to the body. Remember these 5 common squat mistakes and AVOID them at all costs!

  1. Not going low enough (make sure your go parallel to the floor)
  2. Knees tracking inline (keep your knees straight and square)
  3. Lifting you heels (you push from your heels and keep these planted throughout)
  4. Rounding your back (back must be straight)
  5. Resting the bar on your neck (rest the bar comfortably on your shoulders)

An example of how NOT to squat can be seen below :)

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